4 Ways to Display Sculptures in Your Home

Why is placing art in your home meaningful? Some of our most prized possessions can be art we place inside in our homes. People that decide to live with art have an relationship with those objects that grows over time. For some people placing art inside their homes is a way to express themselves and communicate their different personalities, especially when people that bring art inside their homes often invite guests over for parties.

Art moves us differently than anything else in our homes; its function is to be engaging. It connects us to our humanity and the desire to share,create, and live with art.


1. Take advantage of shelf space



Deformed Saxophone Sculpture

Ideal places to place sculptures are shelves, ledges, recessed areas and mantel pieces. All of these places offer the ideal location to showcase sculptures in your home, especially the smaller pieces of work. Another bonus to placing smaller sculpture works on mantels or shelves is that is gives these works height for better display purposes. This is a real viable option for those with less square footage as it holds the added bonus of not taking up any important floor space.


2. 360 Degree Views



Blue Ribbon Sculpture

Depending on the size of the sculpture a central location makes the perfect spot for a stand alone piece and will ensure that your sculpture is enjoyed from all angles without obscurities. This also adds the feel of a museum level of display in that it will provide plenty of space around the work of art.

The living room image above depicts how a low coffee table works brilliantly as a base for sculpture, and does so without complicating the flow of the room. A reception room can also provide a fantastic location for your sculpture offering a view from every angel.


3. Put it on a pedestal



Pronounced Elephant Couple Sculpture


Raise your sculpture closer to eye level and create the ultimate viewing experience with the addition of a pedestal. No matter how big or small that pedestal may be place your sculpture on it. As long as the pedestal is able to hold the weight of the sculpture it's always worth it to place a sculpture at eye level.

A traditional method of display, the pedestal will draw attention to your piece, giving it the presentation it deserves. Adding vital height to your sculpture, but also to your room, the pedestal has the ability to maintain that important breathing room around the sculpture.


4. Create a feature wall



Momentum Bull Sculpture

For a clean and minimalist look opt for sculptures which can placed next to the wall, bookshelves, hung on the wall, placed next to your television and will therefore keep your floor space free of clutter. Making sure your sculpture fits the surrounding furniture is very important here. Surfaces that complement each other like brown or black or white and black are easiest to do this with. There are many ways to do this but look for interior design displays that depict sculptures next to similar surroundings.

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