4 Easy ways to turn your bedroom into a luxurious retreat.

It would be great to update everything in our bedroom by changing all the furnishings. Unfortunately that sometimes is just is not possible. Little do people know, all you need to do is change a few things and those little things can be enough to have a big impact. Just adding one piece of furniture can make all the difference visually and provide more personality and functionality to the room. We Hopefully these few suggestions help you turn your bedroom into your own private retreat.


1. Create a relaxing mood with lighting



Genetic Glory Modern Floor Lamp


 Lighting can add style to a room and create a soft, relaxing mood in the bedroom. Sleek and dark light stands like this Genetic Genetic Modern Floor Lamp from JEZODUS new lighting collection can make an instant change. Including lights that have a dimmer setting are also important to create a soothing vibe and add luxury.


2. Add Glamour



Outright Domination Cheetah Sculpture Collection


Special pieces like sculptures and other floor standing mirrors can add a touch of glamor to an ordinary bedroom. Sculptures have become popular again because they are much more sophisticated and engaging.  People are also fascinated by how sculpture are created. Sculptures are also agreat way to project ones tastes and personality.

 3. Relaxation and Comfort.



Thick Sherpa Blanket


The 6 most common places that you can add throw pillows and blankets are, sofas, chairs, stools, benches, beds, and baskets. There are more but adding a throw blanket to the bedroom is an easy way to go from boring to stylish and comfy. Regardless of the room, size or style, throw blankets add much need personality, not to mention a feeling of cozy comfort to a room.


4. Area Rugs



Abundant Branching Rug Collection


Placing an area rug in a bedroom or beneath a sofa in an offset manner provides maximum visual appeal and warm to the room. To accomplish this position the area rug beneath your bed and no less then half a foot from the headboard.  This placement allows you to display the rug's design most effectively. Using an area rug also anchor your bedroom. This gives the space a sense of balance and order. The surrounding flooring acts as a frame to display your fine rug.


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